Luke Padgett
The problem at the blood bank was shelf life. When disasters happen, people give blood the next day, but it takes a long time before it can be donated to an injured person. They needed a promotion that could show that there is always a need for donors. The client also needed it fast. And cheap.

The concept for this promotion hinged on the problem of timing. I suggested going backwards - and it made for an incredibly difficult and rewarding job. From location scouting to shooting, effects, final edit and scoring, it was done in 3 weeks on budget. We shot it on a Red One and reversed the footage in Premiere. All effects were done in Adobe AE.

WINNER : National Gold Addy Award for Cinematography, PSA

Director : Dave Lang
Camera : Bobby Stone
Producer : Katie Hartley
Editor/Color/Effects/Copy/Concept : Luke Padgett
Music : Tim Cofield
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